Elite Screens Remote Control Kit for Spectrum2 Series(Infrared and Radio Frequency Remotes,5-12vtrigger cable) For Serial Number 197E and After

Elite ScreensSKU: ZPM-RT2

Sale price$162.00


The ZPM-RT2 kit allows the Spectrum2 Series to be controlled with IR/RF remotes and a 5-12v trigger.

  • Attaches to Spectrum2 Series power cable
  • RF remote control for long distance control eliminates need for line of sight
  • IR remote control for Universal IR Learning remote control integration
  • RJ45 port for 5-12v trigger cable or IR extended “eye” sensor (included)
  • Male to male MONO jack cable for wireless 5-12 volt trigger operation thru RF remote
  • For use with : RF remote, IR remote, 5-12 volt trigger cable, IR “eye” extension, Wall box w/ RJ45 port, Wireless 5-12v Mono trigger cable

Note: Compatible only with Spectrum 2 Series with serial number 198Exxxxx and after.  Example. 198E00497

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