Draper Ropewalker, 11', NTSC, Contrast Grey XH800E, 110 V

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By integrating a screen and lift together in one ceiling-recessed box, the Ropewalker eliminates the need for extra black drop between the screen and tall ceilings. The viewing surface unrolls from an inner case and the entire screen is lowered to “show” position by an outer case utilizing stainless steel aircraft cables. A 34’ (10 m) vertical drop facilitates the installation of a large, electric screen high above the audience’s line of sight, making it ideal for ballrooms, gymnasiums, houses of worship, and other large venues. The viewing surface is available in both tab-tensioned and free-hanging. Safety cables with cable arresters are included that connect the inner and outer cases.

Product Specs

  •  Image size up to 18' x 18' (548 cm x 548 cm) either tab-tensioned or non-tensioned surfaces .
  •  Travel range up to 34' (1,067 cm).
  •  Speed - 20' per minute (120V) / 17' per minute (220V).
  •  Includes safety cables for projection screen housing that descends into room.
  •  Includes single station wall switch, other control options available.
  •  5 Year Warranty.

Screen Details

Screen Material: Contrast Grey XH800E

Series: Ropewalker

Warranty: 5-Year Warranty

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