Draper Ultimate Access XL E, 200", NTSC, Contrast Grey XH800E, 110 V

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Ideal for major venues, conference centers, ballrooms, or university classrooms, the ceiling-recessed, free-hanging Ultimate Access XL E electric projection screen accommodates larger sizes. Screen completely retracts and conceals behind a smooth, lower panel with no exposed screw heads or fasteners. During use, a second motor opens the lower panel upward into the case to allow the screen to descend into the room. This free-hanging surface maintains flatness due to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. Placement of the ceiling-recessed case during the initial phase of construction eliminates job site damage and allows for installation of the screen at a later time.

Product Specs

  •  Case dimensions are 14-1/16" high x 10-3/8" deep (36 cm x 26 cm), includes trim flange. White case standard, black available upon request.
  •  Built-in controls may increase case length. Mounting brackets may add to case dimensions.
  •  Maximum image width up to 22' (671 cm) wide, depending on surface selection.
  •  Sliding brackets on top of the case allow for adjustments for mounting. Sliding brackets inside case accommodate different size screens.
  •  Black drop standard, depending on screen size. Extra drop above image area available upon request.
  •  Independently motorized ceiling closure opens into the case.
  •  Fully automatic ceiling closure panel provides complete screen concealment. Can be finished by contractor to match ceiling.
  •  Includes a 110V three-position switch (standard). Quiet, low voltage motors and 220V options are available.
  •  Low voltage video interface or other controls can be built into the housing for below ceiling access.
  •  Custom sizes available.

Note: For alternate installation of Ultimate Access XL screens, additional set of brackets is required.  Part No. C502.280

Screen Details

DIagonal Size: 200"

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Screen Material: Contrast Grey XH800E

Series: Ultimate Access XL E

Warranty: 5 Years

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