Draper LVC-S with Locking Cover Plate

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Draper LVC-S with Locking Cover Plate

Where the ability to control access is required, the wall-mountable LVC-S with Locking Cover ensures a certain level of security for electric screens. It offers a 3-button wall switch with up, stop, and down directional functions, and a locking cover plate to limit screen access. Three screw terminals on the back of the switch connect to the LVC-IV using your own low-voltage cable.

Product Specs

  •  Comes with 3-position, single-station, low-voltage “dry” contact wall switch. Locking cover is metal and includes key.
  •  Switch function: momentary action.
  •  Installer supplied wire leads (18-24 Gauge). Screw terminals on back for down, common, and up.

Screen Details

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