Heavy Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe and Truss 16:10 Drapery Presentation Kit 135x216 255" Diag.

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Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe and Truss Drapery Presentation Kits care box pleated and attach with snaps to Fast-Fold screens to give a finished aesthetic.

Key Features

  • Includes skirt, wings and valance drapes and hardware
  • Standard skirt height is 45"
  • Available in Ultra Velour, which is inherently flame retardant
  • Da-Lite Ultra Velour can be washed in a washing machine, and will continue to be flame retardant while the cotton velour will lose its ability to be flame retardant with a number of dry cleanings
  • Da-Lite Ultra Velour is sound neutral with a high opacity
  • Available in black, blue or gray

Screen Details

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