Da-Lite 10' SightLine Cable Drop Option - For Advantage Series and Tensioned Advantage Series

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While SightLine’s standard 70”, aircraft-grade cable drop screen feature covers most custom drop-sizing scenarios, the 10’ drop option is designed to provide more flexibility for unique installations, such as unusually high ceilings, where additional drop may be required. Da-Lite’s cable drop feature, SightLine™, available with the tried-and-true Tensioned Advantage® and Advantage electric screens, gives the impression of a floating screen. A suspension system in its single roller design features 3 or 4 thin cables eliminating the need for black drop – the black border above the projection screen. While the market is accustomed to specifying drop distance upon ordering, now vertical placement of the screen can be variable as the cables accommodate a range of drop distances up to 70" standard and a 10' option between the ceiling and the top of the screen – making ordering a snap. What’s more, this feature creates usable space above the viewing area to preserve architectural interests and provides the opportunity for camera/speaker placement. Enhanced aesthetics, painless ordering, smooth installation and future-proofing for height adjustability – this is the fine line between status quo and jaw drop.

Key Features

Product Compatibility

See the Tensioned Advantage Series or Advantage Series for product selection. NOTE: The 10’ option is only available where SightLine Cable Drop has been selected in the “Drop Type” selection field for the Tensioned Advantage and Advantage products.

  • Electric Screens:
    • Tensioned Advantage Series
    • Advantage Series

The Tensioned Advantage with SightLine or Advantage with SightLine must be ordered with a “C” suffix for general customization added to the item number and noted to include 10’ of cable drop. The upcharge for the 10’ cable drop option is added by ordering the DL16476 SightLine 10’ Cable Drop Option on a separate line.

Drawing Sign-off Not Required.

No drawing sign-off is required for the 10’ drop option since this customization does not create any dimensional changes to the screen housing or surface.

Screen Details

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