Projector Terms 101
Projectors have become an essential part of modern life, whether it's for entertainment, education, or business. But with so many technical terms and specifications, it can be confusing to choose the right projector. We will review some of the most popular projector terms to help you make an informed decision.

Lumens: Lumens measure the brightness of a projector. The higher the lumens, the brighter the image will be. Generally, a projector with more lumens is better for a well-lit room, while a projector with fewer lumens may be suitable for a darker room.

Resolution: Resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the image on the screen. The most common resolutions for projectors are 720p, 1080p, and 4K. The higher the resolution, the sharper and more detailed the image will be.

Throw distance: Throw distance refers to the distance between the projector and the screen. This measurement is important to determine the size of the image and whether the projector will fit in the room.

Lamp life: Lamp life refers to the amount of time a projector lamp can last before needing to be replaced. Most projector lamps have a lifespan of 2,000-5,000 hours.

Contrast ratio: Contrast ratio measures the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of the image. The higher the contrast ratio, the more vivid and dynamic the image will be.

Keystone correction: Keystone correction is a feature that allows you to adjust the image if it is not aligned with the screen. This can be helpful if the projector is placed at an angle or if the screen is not level.

Zoom: Zoom allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of the image without moving the projector. This can be useful if you need to adjust the image size to fit a specific screen or room.

Inputs: Inputs refer to the different ways you can connect a device to the projector. Common inputs include HDMI, USB, VGA, and more. Make sure to choose a projector with the inputs you need to connect your devices.

ANSI Lumens: ANSI Lumens is a measurement of the brightness of a projector that takes into account the brightness of the entire screen, not just the center. This measurement can give you a more accurate picture of the projector's brightness.

These are just some of the most popular projector terms that you should be familiar with when shopping for a projector. By understanding these terms, you can make an informed decision and choose the best projector for your needs. If you ever have any questions just call and speak to one of our projector experts at 800-490-4081 or email us at