Draper Acumen Projector Screens - The Smart Decision

Draper Acumen®—Smart decision.

Introducing the Acumen® series of projection screens.

Acumen® wall-mounted installation.

Acumen® XL (left) and Acumen® (right) cases.

Acumen® with ceiling mounting brackets.

A smart decision for any setting

The Acumen® series of surface mounted projection screens from Draper® is designed from the ground up with maximum versatility in mind. Part of our range of Core Solutions, this newly engineered screen model addresses virtually any projection environment and complements any room design.

Keenly stylish

The elegant extruded aluminum housing features a powder coat finish and a sleek radiused fascia, so Acumen® looks great even when not in use.

Simple to install

Acumen® features floating mounting brackets for wall mounting and ceiling mounting, and a removable fascia to allow for easy installation. No wiring is necessary with rechargeable battery-operated options that further reduce installation costs.


7-year warranty

Draper® is so confident in the quality of the Acumen® that we are standing behind it with an extended 7-year warranty (USA and Canada only).



Acumen® was announced at InfoComm 2020 Connected and Projection Expo, two virtual trade shows that opened in June 2020. We're proud to say that Acumen® has won Best of Show awards at each!

When delivering the award, Projector Central had these kind words to say about Draper® and Acumen®:

Before designing its new line of surface-mount, roll-up screens, Draper® listened to the market and saw three key demands: for flexibility in screen materials to accommodate different lighting conditions, for motorized options that don't require nearby power, and for ever-increasing size. Acumen® hits all the buttons, accommodating all of the company's free-hanging and tab-tensioned materials (including its premium TecVision® line of traditional and ALR surfaces), providing motorized options that include a battery-rechargeable version that goes 500 cycles between charges, and hitting screen sizes up to 18 feet wide. The simple but elegant, durable extruded aluminum casing was also designed with ease of installation and access for maintenance in mind.


Benefits and versatility:

  • Sizes up to 18' wide.
  • Available with a variety of motors, including quiet and low voltage options.
  • Optional rechargeable battery motor in sizes to 10’ wide.
  • Also available as manually operated.
  • Extruded aluminum housing with white powder coated or optional black finish.
  • Removable fascia, floating mounting brackets, and ceiling suspension brackets allow for easy installation and serviceability.
  • Available in a broad selection of Draper® surface materials, including our range of premium TecVision® Engineered Screen Technology surfaces.
  • Patent Pending.
  • Acumen® screens with 120V motors are UL Listed.